THQ reveal the PC features for their upcoming shooter epic Homefront

Looking sharper than razor with gameplay to match, Homefront looks ready to set the world of the first person shooter alight in THQ’s latest all-action revolutionary title.   

Hopefully answering a whole host of questions regarding the multiplayer mode for PC gamers, THQ gave unveiled the features of their forthcoming combat cracker in a bid to ease the minds of players around the world.      

We can officially confirm that Homefront will be a Steamworks title making good use of Valve’s excellent toolsets. Steam was simply the best choice to deliver the features we needed on PC. Shameless plug – Homefront is now available to pre-order on Steam right here:
We also confirm the Official Recommended Specs for the game. A few websites this week released what they claimed to be the official specs, most weren’t. Read on for the final word from Kaos and Digital Extremes.
Finally, we wanted to confirm that you’ll be able to enjoy Homefront in glorious 3D on PC thanks to full NVidia 3D Vision support. We showed it off at CES earlier this year, it looked rad.
The guys at Bash & Slash recorded a podcast with Digital Extremes & KAOS Studios that covers a load more detail, so click the link for even more info!
It looks as though THQ have  thought long and hard about the additional features the PC community would appreciate and expect as they uncover the list of features the community as a whole would benefit from: .
From a gameplay standpoint, we’ve done some additional work on the vehicles.  On PC, you’ll be able to control all vehicles from the 1st person cockpit viewpoint as well as 3rd person. We also added additional control options for helicopters, to give those players looking for more sim-like controls something to get their teeth round. There are three settings:
o   Ace: Allows for the best maneuverability, but takes the most practice to master.
o   Veteran: Balanced difficulty and maneuverability.
o   Rookie: Pick-up-and-play level of difficulty, least maneuverable.
We’ve included a Practice Mode so you can get to grips with vehicle controls outside the pressures of a live match. No need in wasting your hard-earned Battle Points!
Lastly, we added some extra vehicle abilities for co-pilots, such as a Recon function to the Scout heli, and we obviously support joystick control for all vehicles.
In terms of other gameplay changes – we introduced a Squad Management system for PC, with Squad based VOIP. We also offer Clan Support on PC, and we’ll be tracking more post-match statistics on the PC platform. As stated above, we’re a Steamworks title and we use Valve Anti-Cheat to counter cheaters.
We also feature Multiplayer Match Recording (check out the podcast for more info), and we’ll be releasing a Dedicated Server Browser Executable to allow you set your own private Homefront servers within 2 weeks of launch. LAN support in there as well!
Finally, a few tweaks you’d expect as standard – we optimized the UI to make it more PC / Mouse friendly. We support SLI / Crossfire configurations for extra performance, and we support 3D through NVidia’s 3D Vision if you have the appropriate hardware.
For further details, and a more in-depth look at the features and some important FAQ’s from the PC community, you can follow this link to the Homefront official website where you can discover a veritable treasure trove of information, facts and exclusive images and video’s all just waiting for you to click onto.

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