Asia’s Top iPhone MMORPG, Empire Online Now Available on North American App Store

Asia’s Top iPhone MMORPG, Empire Online Now Available on North American App Store

Lakoo brings popular free-to-play game westward with English-language release

Lakoo, leading developer of iPhone and Android games, announced today that Empire Online, Asia’s largest mobile MMORPG is now available for free on the U.S. iTunes App Store. The hit touch-screen adventure, already been downloaded by over 5 million players in Asia and Australia, is now open for invasion by kung-fu fighters, wizards, hunters and shamans from the fabled continent of North America.

In Empire Online, you’ll join forces with friends to adventure, battle and build your own handheld kingdom—conquering territories across numerous world maps along the way. Fight in teams of five for traditional turn-based combat, or face off one-on-one in PvP (player-versus-player) battles. Empire Online offers extensive character customization within its RPG class system, but also lets you earn learn skills and collect gear from other races and classes, putting all avatars on an even playing field for one of the most epic iPhone adventures you’ve encountered to date.

“The Lakoo team has been anxiously awaiting Empire Online’s expansion into the North American market,” said Kin Ko, CEO of Lakoo. “You won’t believe how many MMO elements we can fit on a smartphone.”

Get your free copy of Empire Online on the App Store now.


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