App Store Tremors Felt as Volcano Escape Nears Eruption

App Store Tremors Felt as Volcano Escape Nears Eruption

Bravo Game Studios Announces Release Date for Action Platformer

Bravo Game Studios, a developer of mobile games, today announced a release date for Volcano Escape, a brand new action platformer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Volcano Escape will be available on the iTunes App Store on February 17, 2011.

Introducing Colonel Charlie Bravo, decorated war veteran and all around hero! Charlie recently disappeared whilst taking his summer vacation, only to resurface as a sacrificial offering to appease the lava gods!

Jet packs, grenade launchers, and shotguns are just a few pieces of the arsenal you will need to escape alive. This action platformer takes you on a vacation-turned-nightmare as you try to climb out of the volcano and destroy the tribal minions hell-bent on sacrificing you to the volcano god. In Volcano Escape you get one life to climb as high as you can while escaping from the rising tide of lava and blasting volcano demons along the away. In a unique gameplay twist the minions turn into solid rock when shot and form the platforms on which to leap to your escape. Mess up, however, and you are toast!.

Volcano Escape provides Game Center support, allowing players to post high scores and compete on the leaderboards. Players can also submit scores on Facebook and Twitter to show off their escape artistry to friends and followers. iPhone 4 users can also enjoy Retina Display support for gorgeous 3D gameplay. With achievements, upgrades and 5 unlockable characters, some with in app purchases up for grabs, players must continue to run, jump, shoot, or burn!

If you can’t stand the heat – get out of the Volcano!

For more information on Volcano Escape or Bravo Game Studios, please visit


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