Mindscape’s Crasher now available to Play!

Mindscape’s Crasher now available to Play!

New vehicle combat MOBA live from today!    

Mindscape, a leading publisher of entertainment software, today announces the digital distribution launch of their brand new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, Crasher. Developed by new studio Punchers Impact, the game is set to delight PC gamers worldwide.

Crasher features a compelling hybrid mix of team combat, tight capture, defend and destroy gameplay – similar to that seen in titles such as League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, only using wheels as well as heart-pounding vehicular combat, to produce a game that will appeal to everyone, from action fans through to committed tactical PC gamers.

Players can look forward to intense, 5 Vs 5 match-ups in beautifully designed, closed-world maps, all while engaging the fiercest vehicles this unique universe has to offer. Regular weapons and mystical skills inspired by traditional RPG’s – from devastating special attacks to healing, mining and summoning – are the key to fulfilling your team objective, while 6 classes of vehicle enable you to tailor your role in the team, be it a fearless melee fighter, healer or a vicious engineer setting traps to prepare the field! Jump straight into the action with a range of different game modes such as Territory Control (be the first team to capture and defend zones within huge maps) and Battle Arena (eliminate the other team across evolving interactive maps).

Furthermore, each combat and action you perform during play rewards you with experience, up to level 40, that can open up huge possibilities for vehicle, skills and item customisation. Vital for those players looking to climb to the top of the ranking ladders and experience the wealth of community options on offer.

“We’re delighted to be able to bring such a fresh and unique concept as Crasher to the online gaming arena,” said Guillaume Descamps, Studio Director and VP of Mindscape. “Players are going to be dazzled by the intense combat action, the tactical team gameplay and the compulsive fun of upgrading and developing your vehicles.”

Incorporating an adrenaline filled combination of classes, skills and experience sets along with further free updates from Punchers Impact in the coming weeks; Crasher is set to be one of the most astounding online multiplayer releases of 2011!

Crasher is available for purchase now via Steam. For more details, visit the official Crasher website at www.crasher.com.



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