Deadly Premonition wins critical acclaim in reviews and yearly round-ups 2010

Deadly Premonition wins critical acclaim in reviews and yearly round-ups 2010

Breakout title of 2010 – Deadly Premonition – received stamps of approval from top UK critics and received eight industry supported awards   

Nine top UK critics highlighted Deadly Premonition as one of the great gaming titles of the year and it achieved eight awards in the 2010 yearly round ups. Deadly Premonition even managed to get odds from Paddy Power in their top selling videogame of the year category. These accolades made Deadly Premonition the breakout title of 2010.

“We’re incredibly pleased with what Deadly Premonition achieved in the UK,” says Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games. “We always challenge ourselves to bring the best to the PAL market, Deadly Premonition really found an audience with critics and fans alike.”

Rising Star Games released Deadly Premonition in October 2010, it is currently available to buy at all leading games retail outlets. Please join us in celebrating the great achievements of this weird and wonderful game, some of the review and awards highlights are below.

Awards highlights:

The Telegraph – The Top Ten Video Games of 2010
Deadly Premonition mentioned among The Telegraph’s top ten titles of the year.

Metro – The Gamecentral 2010 Mini Awards
Best New Character (Francis York Morgan).

Dealspwn – Best Video Games 2010
Game of the Year

Gamespot – Best of 2010
Most surprisingly good game winner (Nominated for three other Gamespot awards)

Games Radar – The Platinum Chalice awards 2010
Best Worst Game winner “one of the best, most memorable gaming experiences of the year”

Edge Magazine – The Alternative Edge Awards 2010
Most Alternative Ego (Agent Francis York and Zach)

IGN’s Biggest Gaming surprises and Most memorable moments of 2010
Deadly Premonition mentioned among IGN’s most surprising games and most memorable moments of 2010

Review Highlights:
Daily Record “Best £20 you’ll spend all year” 5/5—360-review.html

Xbox Magazine UK “One of the most bizarre, yet enjoyable, games we’ve played in a long time” 7.8/10

Virgin Media Games “You might love it, you might hate it – but I guarantee you won’t forget it.” 8/10
Games TM “…experience some incredible moments that can’t be found in any other videogame.” 8/10 “Like a one-eyed beauty queen.”

Dpad Magazine “It’s a tough game to click with, but when it does it’s great.” 4/5

Deadly Premonition was released for the Xbox 360 for £24.99 on Friday 29th October.


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