BigPoint’s ‘Dark Orbit’ breaks the 50,000,000 users mark!

Simply stunning news from the BigPoint camp today as the space action epic Dark Orbit’s user count has gone interstellar with figures topping the 50 million mark!     

To celebrate this staggering milestone in the career of the award-winning games developers, the team behind the action-packed science fiction combat shooter have come up with an astounding way of thanking their fan base and making one user per month around £10,000 to the good!      

Flash-based browser games seem to be making more headlines than a lot of the blockbuster retail titles these day’s with a whole host of corking titles bringing a level of fun and interactivity to their fan base than most disc based games could only dream of. None more so than BigPoint Games stunning sci-fi saga Dark Orbit it would seem as the title has just notched up its 50,000,000 user. If that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate  then users of the game can strap on a party hat and blow a streamer in joyous rapture as the games developers have announced that as a ‘thankyou’ to their loyal fan base they are to introduce a monthly quest that will see one lucky spacefarer moon-walking away with a cool £10,000. Now how’s that for an in-game bonus?

Dark Orbit has gone from strength to strength since it launch and it would seem that the action-packed space shooter is anything but finished in its bid to become the highest subscribed MMO.

Dark Orbit is a flash-based browser game in which thousands of players from all over the world fight for control of the universe and the precious resources that lie within. Users can explore the infinite expanses of outer space and fly into the face of danger. Players can travel to the farthest reaches of space, either on their own or with others, and set a course to discover new galaxies and lifeforms. Gamers can join one of the three Dark Orbit companies in their struggle to gain control over the universe, preparing for battle by transforming their simple Starjet into the Universe’s most feared battle cruiser.

There are also some cracking new features for the games multitude of disciples to get all in a lather about as BigPoint also confirm a plethora of perfect upgrades:

New features:

  • Once a month you have the chance to win up to £10,000. The player who wins the Jackpot battle receives all the Jackpot pounds they collect from bonus boxes, which will be paid out in cold, hard cash
  • 15 new quests will be playable in the next few days
  • The new group gate can be explored together with friends to get even better loot (but it’s more difficult, too)
  • The new NPC robot “1100101” is out of control, spawning around the galaxy and fighting the players

So if you have not yet gad the benefit of BigPoint Games’  highly acclaimed science fiction extravaganza the we suggest that it is high time that you took your protein pill and got your helmet on!


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