Brink, Rage. Elder Scroll’s and Hunted Release Dates Announced   

Those beautiful people at Bethesda Softwork’s have today eased the furrowed brow’s for millions of gamers across the UK, and indeed worldwide, by announcing the news of the release dates of their four AAA titles that will be launched in 2011Brink and Hunted:The Demon’s Forge have officially been confirmed as being summer blockbuster releases with the launch dates for Elder Scroll’s: Skyrim and Rage  to have Autumn release dates.

Brink will be launched to an expectant UK and EU public, all eager for the stunning first person shooter action that the title promises, on May 20th, 2011. Our US cousins across the ‘Big Pond’ can expect to enjoy the title a little earlier than their Euro gaming cousins as they will be getting the title on May 17th, 2010. Voted ‘Best in Show’ by an army of its peers at the 2010 EuroGamer Expo, Brink combines the things you know and love from first person shooter gameplay and blends it all, seemingly with unabashed ease, to the best aspects of the multiplayer experience as it takes you to levels as yet untapped in action based videogaming. Featuring extensive customization options for an ever demanding audience, and offering panoramic maps of an expansive nature in its multiplayer modes, Brink is most definitely the GamesMediaPro  ‘One to Watch Out For’ in 2011.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, an outstanding title that looks ready to set the hearts of action/adventure fan’s alight the world over, is also confirmed as a summer launch title as Bethesda get prepared to revamp the adventure genre with their innovative and forward thinking designs just as they are sure to do in the shooter genre with Brink. Ripping up the rule book and throwing it in the faces of detractors with gay abandon is not something that a lot of developers take a chance on these days. But then again Bethesda are not a lot of developers? And with Hunted they are certain to set tongues a-wagging as they gave brought the action/adventure genre screaming up to date with a title that has been described as ‘…the Gears of War for the dungeon crawler..’ June 3rd, 2011 is the due date for the birth of this genre defying all-action title, and if you are like us here at GamesMediaPro, you will be ordering your copy of this promising new title well in advance.

The third game on this list of AAA titles of total awesomeness comes in the shape of a cheeky little number that will have fan’s on both sides of the Atlantic queuing around the block come September 16th, 2011. Rage has been knocking the critic’s sideways’ ever since the first sneaky peaks were unveiled, and it has already pulled in a whole host of awards and accolades at every gaming expo it has been displayed at, from its Best Overall in Show at E3 2010 to the veritable feast of frothy games journalists all heaping praise and titles on the first person shooter from Best Console Game to Best of E3. idSoftware have really pushed the boundaries with this expansive action title that will see gamers enjoying break neck vehicle action alongside first class FPS combat.

From their we travel to the moment that a lot of our readers will have ben waiting for, and that moment is going to be November 11th, 2011 ( 11.11.11 ). For that my fellow RPG devotee’s is to be the  date when all work stops. A date when the wives will be left holding the babies, and husbands will be left to fend for themselves in the kitchen as the gaming world stops and stares at the arrival of the most highly anticipated RPG of its generation. Gamers and gameresses, I give you the launch date of none other than, ( fanfare please ), Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Nothing more need be said, no more subtle soliloquies or similes made, all stands still for the greatest gaming experience ever created for  a console. If you have never played any of the previous titles, ( what the hell have you been doing?? Ed. ), then we can heartily suggest that you stock up on the Elder Scrolls and get some serious gaming in before the event of the year takes place in November. If you thought that the queues were crazy at your local Game for Black Op’s or Starcraft II then you ain’t seen anything yet!



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