Gamer’s Edition of the Guiness Book of World Record’s is released to smash reviews!

Greatest new videogame Guinness World Records announced in the new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2011 Gamer’s Edition!   

As we all know gamer’s are a proud lot, from the bragging rights attained by collecting the dog-tag’s from a fallen enemy in Battlefield Bad Company 2, right through to the immense sense of pride when you get that all important Platinum Trophy for completing 100% of Demon’s Souls, we like to know that we have done our best. But more importantly we like other people to know it too. So for all our fellow gamers out there we suggest that you rush out and grab yourself a copy of the ultimate in gaming bragging rights with the must-have Guinness Book of World Records Gamer’s Edition 2011. You never know…you may just be in it? 

The time of year is upon us once more when the Bible of Gaming is once more unleashed upon the expectant community of avid videogame fan’s as they seek to discover just who is the greatest in a veritable plethora of categories in the gaming industry, and it has to be said that with a whopping 216 pages of astounding fact’s, figures and images from around the world the 2011 version of the Gamer’s Edition of the Guinness Book of World Record’s is bigger and better than ever!

Everything that you could ever possibly want to know about your favourite pastime is contained within these hallowed pages, and we have to say the information on offer and the sheer weight of incredible data is astounding. Want to know who is the biggest Mario fan of all time? Look no further. Want to know what is the best-selling FPS of all time? They have that too! Want to know what is the most successful ever gaming franchise? Easy! Everything that you could possibly ever want to know about the world of videogaming is held inside the hard backed tome for you to wonder over. From the sublime to the ridiculous.

The fact that the Gamers Edition itself has been receiving, quite literally, rave reviews across the board goes some way to informing you just how much time and effort the boffins’ behind the best book of facts and figures put in to book, and it should be on the shelves of any gamer worth his, ( or her ),  cyber salt.

Some of the more fun time entries into this year’s outing for the world’s best book are the cracking tales of the World’s Oldest gamer, who just happen’s to be a man from Onalaska, Nebraska USA who bounces into view to take on all comers as a Wii bowler at a sprightly 85 years-old.

Or how about the youngest gamer to achieve a perfect AAA+ score on Ubisoft’s Dance,Dance Revolution?  Young Ryoto Wada from Tokyo, Japan may only be 9 years-old but he’ll strut his stuff with the best off them and still be ‘doing his thing’ when the older generation have nipped off to bed with a hot cup of cocoa.

On a more serious note however there is always the record for the world’s most swearing in a videogame. That honour goes to Scarface for a staggering 5000+ plus expletives, as well as a ‘bleep machine man’ who reportedly now has repetitive strain injury in his thumbs.

Whatever information you should choose to look up in the excellent Gamer’s Edition 2011 one thing is for certain, and that is that the answer will be somewhere inside the detailed pages. With beautifully laid out pages and some truly spectacular artwork contained inside, the latest edition look’s more stunning than it ever has.

The book itself is easy to research with its new format making it a far simpler task to locate the information that you are searching for.  The Gamer’s Edition is firstly set up so that each section covers a specific genre or topic, from there it is then formatted so that each section is then broken down in the relevant categories. For instance should you wish to discover just who is the world record holder for the Highest Score on Guitar Hero 3 for a girl, it is as easy as navigating the sections then scrolling down the results so that in no time at all you have the desired data right at your fingertips. The person who just happen’s to hold that actual record, by the way, is none other than Annie Leung, a 26 year-old from San Francisco, USA with a top score of an outstanding 789, 349 points. A true inspiration to the ever-growing legion of female gamers out there Miss Leung is even quoted in the Gamers Edition as saying:

         “being a female in gaming has been hard, there’s harassment and guys can under-estimate you.  I’ve had to work hard to prove that I’m just as good as anybody out there”   

So who was the highest selling company in the book? Was it Sony? Or maybe Microsoft or Nintendo? Well my warring gamers you will just have to purchase your own copy of this must-have gaming bible to find that one out for yourselves! Or maybe if you are really lucky you will win the copy we were sent to review in our great Guinness Giveaway? Who knows? All we know is that to be in with a chance of winning this excellent edition you will have to stay tuned to our Twitter page and Youtube channel over the next couple of days to be in with a chance of getting your hands on this cracking read.

So get yourself along to your local bookstore now and buy your copy, or alternatively you could visit the Guinness Book of World Records website here and make the right choice on your next literary purchase. A truly magnificent tome that will keep gamers entertained and gobsmacked for many a day to come and possibly even until the next 2012 edition comes out.       10 out of 10!


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