Activision considering closure of PS3 Black Op’s Servers

Activision Area Support representative Dov Carson has caused uproar amongst Playstation 3 owners following his statement that Activision and Treyarch are considering closing the Call of Duty servers for the Playstation Network.  

Following reports this morning that Activision are considering closing the Playstation Network servers for the record-breaking Call of Duty franchise we understand that the announcement was made by the US Area Support Manager Carson Jablonsky late last night. With Playstation 3 owners already feeling hard done too by the multi award-winning developer, citing issues with the PS3 version of their latest in the Call of Duty series such as frame rate drop, freezing and unplayable multiplayer due to lag, it would seem to suggest from reports made by Mr Carson that Activision would rather take the drastic step of refunding gamers their cash than actually fixing the issues in the title so that PS3 fan’s can enjoy the product they purchased.

With rumours already abounding on the internet of a ‘underhand’ deal done by Activision with Microsoft, complainants demonstrating their point by using the recently announced timed Xbox360 exclusive DLC pack ‘First Strike’ as an example, pointing out theat they developer should be correcting the problems in a£45.00 title already in the hands of millions of gamers as opposed to bringing out fresh exclusive content for one system only. This looks like it could, in fact, end up costing Activision more money than just the refunded game costs in the future if they then expect Playstation owners to purchase further Call of Duty products.

Activision have defended their position as was shown when Mr Carson ran this statement to one outraged Playstation 3 Call of Duty player:

                         “The publishers have the right to shut down the servers for their game at any time as well, which based on the number of reported posts from users may be a viable solution over the free PSN.”

Whether Dov Carson was intending to cause the controversy and outrage that he has is one thing, whether there will be a retraction or denial of these possibilities has yet to be seen. More on this and all other gaming news as it happens!


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