SG Interactive Announces the Launch of Project Blackout

SG Interactive’s New Free-to-Play Online FPS Now Live

SG Interactive, a publisher of high-quality online games, today announced the official launch of free-to-play online FPS Project Blackout. Players interested in taking up digital arms in the war-torn country of Korogese can sign up to join the fight at

“The Open Beta which took place over the holidays was a definite success,” said Chris Lee, CEO of SG Interactive. “We’d like to thank everyone who participated for the many bullets they fired over the last few weeks, and hope that many more players decide to start the year off with a bang in Project Blackout!”

Project Blackout gives players the opportunity to do some damage in the fight between paramilitary and militia forces in the bullet-riddled country of Korogese. Players can blast their way through a wide variety of maps and five unique gameplay modes, earning experience to gain Rank, completing Mission Cards and using those exp gains and in-game rewards to customize their gameplay through the Advanced Combat Training system. All of these options can be used to improve their own, personal play style and shooting skills.

Of course, there’s no use in jumping into a firefight without the right equipment, so players also need to pick their gear carefully if they want to survive. From assault rifles with laser sights, scopes and quick-change magazines, dual wielded SMGs to bulletproof helmets and flashbangs; it’s up to each user to decide whether they’d like to be a walking tank or a speedy sharpshooter. With the official Project Blackout launch, players who really want to gear up to the max can visit the in game Item Mall to snag these top-of-the-line items. Although, everyone would do well to keep the unofficial Korogesian motto in mind as they enter the fray: “When all else fails, let the bullet decide.”

To become a fan of Project Blackout on Facebook and earn a special, limited-edition weapon for your digital arsenal, visit


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  1. Wow this game looks epic. How is a kid supposed to get any learning done with all-knowing distractions like this?!?!

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