Logic Factory releases ‘Ascendancy’ demo trailer

The Logic Factory’s latest iOS title is now available from the App Store. Make sure that you don’t miss out on this state of the art sci-fi adventure that has set the world of mobile gaming alight.

21 alien species, each with their own unique ability, evolutionary history, and the same original theme songs our incredible fans told us so many times they love. Note: you can hear from the speakers fine, but don’t forget the headphones when you feel like it.

Fully rotatable, zoomable Starmap giving you, the leader of your species, a cosmic overview of everything in your domain and your galaxy. Choose the star system you want to visit, tap on it, and go there. Set game size to a smaller star cluster for a quick romp in outer space, or step up through larger options to choose a massive galaxy for an epic game. Because of the possible star lane branches, planetary clusters, alien species, gizmo combinations, and other settings, every game is different. Discover faster-than-light star lane travel, and build your first ship to explore space and colonize new planets.  Then build your space fleet. Research an expansive tree of knowledge to learn new technologies that help your colonies and your ships.

For further details and developments regarding Ascendancy and all other future Logic Factory title releases then make sure that you stay with the GamesMediaPro team.


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