Phelps on the Case: New Screens from L.A. Noire

Fresh for the new year comes a brand new selection of screenshots from L.A. Noire, focusing on the incredibly lifelike characters of Rockstar’s dark detective thriller coming this spring.   

As a reminder, the human interactions you see here aren’t limited to what is commonly understood as cut scenes in videogames. Thanks to the huge leap forward that MotionScan technology represents, every character in L.A. Noire speaks and emotes with realistic precision throughout the entire game, every facial detail captured regardless of whether searching for clues on foot, in a shootout or in the middle of a crucial interrogation.

The promise of what LA Noire has to offer to the world of immersive and interactive gaming is immense due to the huge advances made by Rockstar within the field of motion capture. After being privy to the latest video from the award-winning developer regarding the cutting edge technology we are of the opinion that in future developments from other leading videogame developers that the use of more intricate and impressionable characters will feature more and more in role-playing and open world games.

With a title as intense and darkly brooding as LA Noire promises to be the use of the motionscan capture is proving to be highly motivating in sucking the player into the mood and atmosphere of the game. Gone are the days of the cold and clinical movements of the previous generation of thriller titles which, if truth be told, were nothing more than gore fests based on slasher horror movie type sets that allows the player to control the tools of destruction or detection. With LA Noire the gamer truly feels as thought they are a part of the action, that they can understand and take clues and indication from the nuances and slight tell-tale signs on the faces on suspects and characters. If this is the shape of things to come for more interactive of videogames then we commend Rockstar for once again being at the forefront of the developers utilising the latest technology to enhance the experience of the game playing public.


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