PSP Phone image goes live!

Just when you thought it was safe to go out and order your latest mobile phone  another PSP Phone image gets leaked onto the net. 

Following the leaked details and images of the Playstation Portable Phone thanks to some nifty Chinese naughtiness last year we can now bring you this amazing shot of what we are led to believe is a preview of the PsP Phone alongside some of its future competitors in the handheld market of mobile telecommunications technology.

That being said Engadget spokesman Richard Lai has insisted that this is nothing more than a mock-up utilising the same model that was doing the rounds prior to last years Christmas leak.

Whatever they are the images continue to fan the fires and stir the sauce of controversy as the rumours of the Playstation Portable Phone persist unabridged. The fact that eagle-eyed viewers will notice that in the shots the PSP Phone is adjacent to such mobile devices as the Xperia, Nintendo DSi and the PsP 3000 will go some way to convincing most that there are some truth to the rumours. To further add fuel to the fire of the PsP Phone there are always the advanced ‘leaks’ that already claim to have details of titles that are available for the portable as well as the fact that it runs a third-party emulator. The decision is yours whether or not you wish to wait until the rumours prove to be otherwise before you rush out and purchase your next mobile phone, but a word of warning is that there has been nothing regarding the subject from SoE to date. Make of that what you will? Silence or secrecy?


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