Crasher smashes into view!

Tired of the same old MMO? Then let the latest title from Punchers Impact bring a little sparkle back into your life! It’s time to take Crasher onto the track!  

With the onset of a new year we see the first of a new breed of MMO’s to hit the PC in what has to be the most thrilling and action packed title to be released so far this year on Steam. Crasher, from Punchers Impact, looks set to shake up the world of MMO’s by introducing a whole new take on the genre as you scream around a futuristic post-apocalyptic wasteland in some of the most awe-inspiring vehicles this side of a demolition derby made in Hell.

With online multiplayer for up to 10 players in some truly engaging 5 on 5 battle modes that features some spectacular devastation and destruction in the massively chaotic combat, Crasher is taking the MMO to the next level in this no subscription smash ’em up.

With three different classes for players to choose from such as the super fast two-wheeled monsters that race through the combat zones like guided missiles, right through to the huge hulking brutes of the Tankers with their ominous size and strength. There is also the excellent Saboteur vehicle that resembles the kind of three-wheeled carnage based craft that you always dreamt of tearing around the fields on when you were a boy.

Crasher is very different from anything else that you will have experienced in the MMO genre and make no mistake you will be coming back for more when you get your first taste of the speed and power that lies at the heart of the impressive machinery that is on offer to you. With upgradeable vehicles, skills and classes that will allow gamers to put their own stamp on the game Crasher looks set to take the world of the MMO by storm on release early this year.

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