Stonetrip and G3 Studio join forces to bring ShiVa3D-powered games to South Korea

Stonetrip and G3 Studio join forces to bring ShiVa3D-powered games to South Korea         

Stonetrip, the leading 3D engine studio for games and 3D applications, has announced a partnership with Seoul’s rich media and web game specialist G3 Studio to develop sales of its 3D games engine ShiVa3D in South Korea.     

The deal means that G3 Studio, which developed the best-selling serious games in Korea, Fantasy Math Wars Online and SAT Fighter Online, will develop a series of games based on ShiVa3D for sale in Korea. It will also provide sales, support and training for third party ShiVa3D developers and will set up a dedicated website at http://www.shiva3dkorea.comfor ShiVa3D. One of its early initiatives will be to host a ShiVa3D developer seminar in spring 2011 in Seoul.

 “This is a unique opportunity for Stonetrip to work with an acknowledged expert in the globally important Korean market,” says Philip Belhassen, CEO of Stonetrip. “G3 Studio runs a highly successful games development division, and also has plenty of experience of supporting middleware throughout Korea – we know they will do a great job of realising the potential of ShiVa3D in the Korean market.”

“South Korea has a vibrant development community with its own distinctive culture,” says Mun Sungwon, CEO of G3 Studio. “It’s an ideal environment for a cross-platform 3D engine such as ShiVa3D to thrive. The demand for games for Android and other mobile platforms in particular, is growing fast in all genres, and projects from FPS to MMOs are already underway using ShiVa3D.”


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