Nyko Look Set To Make PS3 Gamers Dreams Come True With The New Nyko Raven Alternative

With the latest announcement of   Nyko’s return to the CES scene in 2011 we take a look at the manufacturers latest peripherals that will leave Sony gamers in Seventh Heaven.            

Thinking of purchasing the latest third-party controller or Move controller for your Playstation 3 this festive season? Look no further than the little beauties from Nyko for precision and perfection in handling, as well as a sweet price tag to boot!       

In preparation for our huge feast of festive frivolity with our upcoming review of the latest third-party peripherals to spend your hard-earned cash on this Christmas, we bring to you the first in the line up of products under the reviewers microscope with the latest additions to Nyko’s ever-expanding impressive array of gaming based peripherals. First up under the watchful gaze of our product reviewers will be the Playstation 3 compatible Nyko Raven Alternative.  This little beauty is the newest example of Sony-friendly controller’s from the top class manufacturer, and we have to say that we are quite looking forward to getting our grubby little mitt’s on this baby in the round up’s.

With its sleek black look and angular bodywork, giving it an almost ‘retro’ feel for those of us gamers out there who can recall the controllers for the Dreamcast that graced our homes back in the day. However, the ‘retro’ effect is merely in the stylings as this latest PS3 peripheral from the world leader in gaming technology comes kitted out with all the latest gadgetry and gizmo’s to ensure that your Playstation 3 gaming experience this Yuletide season is nothing more than Heaven sent.

The controller is fully attuned to all the needs placed on it by the hardcore gamer should they choose to immerse themselves in marathon session’s of their favourite online shooter, or whichever genre takes their fancy? Sixaxis and Dualshock effects are all in play, but the real eye-catching selling point of the Raven has to be the ‘alternative’ part of its title. This means that the controller has a similar set-up to the Xbox360 controller, so that all those Western gamers who have complained that the standard Sony controller is too small, or that it causes thumb cramps can now have this beauty to sit in their hands as snug as a bug in the proverbial rug.

Whether or not Sony take heed of their Western based audience of avid consumers and construct their own similarly designed controller for those gamers, ( myself included -Ed. ), has yet to be revealed, but in the meantime we can readily suggest that if you have the same problems as we when it comes to the positioning of the thumb control’s, then the all-new Nyko Raven Alternative could be just the thing that you are looking for this to enjoy all those wonderful games that are sure to be found in your stocking this Christmas morning.

We will, of course, be bringing you the complete review of all the latest third-party controllers and peripherals that are on offer to you this year and will have another of these cost-effective controllers for you to consider tomorrow. Until then why not get yourself along to the Nyko website and take a look at some of the fantastic peripherals on display for your gaming delights.

More controller based meanderings tomorrow when we bring you the Nyko Playstation Move controllers and docking stations.


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