A Special Look Behind the Scenes of L.A. Noire – Coming this Thursday, December 16th

A Special Look Behind the Scenes of L.A. Noire – Coming this Thursday, December 16th      

Set your alarms to alert you to the stunning new trailer  from Rockstar Games on Thursday evening folks, as this years winning developers of the VGA Game of the year award  have an awesome exclusive on the way that is all set to show why they are about to repeat their award-winning display with the next title in the ground breaking developers line up, LA Noire. 

Yes, gamers and gameresses, on Thursday December 16th, 2010 make sure that you tune in to Rockstar Games webs channel for the latest exclusive trailer for their simply breathtaking forthcoming title, the stylish LA Noire.

Set in a murky world where intrigue meets murder in post-war America. LA Noire has all the feel of a truly cinematic gaming experience with players no doubt likely to be spending most of their time with their jaws agape at the sheer quality of the visuals contained therein.

With true to life characteristics and spectacular locations shot with exacting beauty and emotion, LA Noire takes the player through the sinister side of the seedier Los Angeles of the 1950’s as you must chase killers through a web of drug-ridden deceit, where every strand is made up of corruption and lies.

Make sure that you do not miss out on this opportunity to experience the first worldwide viewing of this very special episode from Rockstar Games as they take you behind the scenes of a game in development like never before.

Follow the link to ensure that you do not miss out on the cinematic trailer event of the year from the Game of the Year developers.


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