Urban planning at its best: Bigpoint launches city-building game RamaCity

Urban planning at its best: Bigpoint launches city-building game RamaCity  

Bigpoint hands over the key to the city: After Farmerama, Zoomumba and Ponyrama, the Hamburg-based developer team has been hard at work expanding its successful social game series with their next big title – RamaCity. Starting in spring 2011, aspiring urban planners will be able to transform small towns into vibrant and lively metropolises in this new free-to-play browser game. Further information is now available at www.ramacity.com.

For the greater good

One tough job: In RamaCity, mayors need to keep their citizens happy, whether it’s with fast-food chains, a new cinema complex, a city park or a high-rise apartment. That’s where urban planning comes into play: City buildings need to be practical but at the same time visually appealing. Players can mix and match buildings and experiment with different combinations to create the perfect city.  Adequate housing, different employment opportunities and numerous recreational facilities are just a few of the features that attract new citizens to a city, and winning and keeping new citizens is the secret to a healthy treasury.

Social interaction the key to success

RamaCity expands on the social features offered in Farmerama and Zoomumba. In RamaCity, players take on more than typical mayoral challenges. They can help their friends’ cities grow and flourish by creating new citizens and sending them to live in their cities, or visit these other cities and upgrade their friends’ buildings. They can also take advantage of successful franchises built in neighboring cities and buy new merchandise. Cooperative play is an essential part of this game, and the best way to create the largest virtual city.

RamaCity’s cartoon-inspired graphics, lively cities and zany citizens bring a breath of fresh air to the building simulation genre. Thanks to its cutting-edge two-and-a-half-dimensional design, the dynamic camera perspectives lend the game an impressive sense of depth.

The launch of the free-to-play browser game RamaCity is planned for spring 2011. Further information can be found on the official website at www.ramacity.com.

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