The stage is set in the first Operation Flashpoint: Red River gameplay video, now showing at

Codemasters® today revealed the first gameplay video for Operation Flashpoint®: Red RiverTM, the all-new chapter in the multi-million selling tactical shooter series, set to launch in Q2 2011. Introducing the game’s new setting of Tajikistan – a strategically and politically important central Asian country bordered by both Afghanistan and China – the video is now showing at

As the back-story to the conflict unfolds, US Marines are shown protecting convoys, sweeping through urban areas and engaging enemy forces. When guns are drawn, pins are pulled and talking stops, Tajikistan becomes a bloody battlefield carved up by insurgents fighting guerrilla war from the shadows and the conventional might of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA).

In addition to setting the scene for Operation Flashpoint: Red River, the video also shows some of the many visual improvements which make this the best looking Operation Flashpoint game ever. From newly captured animations, enhanced vehicle interiors and atmospheric colour grading to digital distortion and other camera effects, every part of graphics, animations and VFX have been improved or designed from the ground-up to immerse players in the theatre of war.

“Tajikistan offers such a wealth of history and geography that made it a perfect fit for a contemporary future-fiction clash of superpowers, against the backdrop of an insurgent uprising within the country,” said Adam Parsons, Executive Producer. “It allows us to set conflicts within a varied and rich environment that move from the familiar to the surreal, offering our players epic landscapes to travel and fight through.”

Playing as a member of a Marine fireteam dispatched to protect American interests in the unstable region, gamers will need to adapt their tactics and play-style to overcome two radically different, dangerous forces. First they will encounter all-new insurgent enemies which deploy authentic tactics and weaponry to simulate the threat of real-world guerrilla fighters. They will also engage the PLA, a professional and disciplined expeditionary force equipped with state of the art weaponry financed by the world’s fastest growing superpower.

As the absorbing three act campaign narrative unfolds, players will need to think and act like Marines to succeed where diplomacy has failed. Tajikistan’s diverse ecotypes – deserts, mountains, valleys and towns – deliver battlegrounds which offer diverse combat scenarios derived from its varied landscapes and increased urban density. Confronted with a determined insurgent foe with local knowledge and a contemporary army that projects the power of a nation of over a billion, players will need to act decisively in a world where one bullet can kill.

Set to deliver an authentic and intensely personal infantry experience, Operation Flashpoint: Red River’s challenges players to take up the role of one of four distinct and complimentary classes in the US Marine fireteam. The Grenadier, Scout, Rifleman and Automatic Rifleman combine to create a fearsome fighting unit and offer unique gameplay perspectives, extending replayability across the substantial campaign mode and standalone Fireteam Engagements.

Up to four players can enjoy the unique Operation Flashpoint experience across all game modes with seamless drop-in drop-out co-operative play, in campaign mode or in standalone Fireteam Engagements. Whether playing solo or co-operatively, players can build up XP across all modes to unlock weapons, skills and modifications for their class, customising their loadouts to suit their preferred style of play.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River will set a new standard for authentic and intense tactical combat when it arrives in 2011 for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Games For Windows® LIVE. Sign up to ‘get some’ USMC style with the latest briefings direct from the Operation Flashpoint studio at and


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