Running With Scissors Supports Our Military Families

Running With Scissors Supports Our Military Families…

And Puts Their Meat Where Their Mouth Is For Charity

While POSTAL franchise publisher Running With Scissors is famous for their outrageous press stunts, they may have topped themselves with this year’s holiday stocking stuffer.

It all began in November of 2009 when RWS head wrangler Vince Desi purchased a three-week-old calf. “We paid extra to have it fed natural goat milk by hand through a bottle, baby style,” he explained. “Its diet was supplemented by natural alfalfa on a local ranch where our bovine mascot was raised and cared for by a local rancher cowgirl named Summer [we’re not kidding]. And when we learned that our cow had balls, we immediately knew what we had to name him – Uwe Bull!”

Last Tuesday, the RWS crew attended an event to support the families of deployed military personnel to whom the meat will be donated. “The group is called,” Desi noted, “and while the Postal Dude regrets nothing, I do have one: that we have but one cow to donate to the families of our great soldiers.”

RWS has a long history of caring for animals, from our own real life Champ, to supporting animal rescue organizations and cleansing the rectums of felines in POSTAL 2..

“No matter what your politics,” Desi concluded, “I hope and pray for peace on Earth and for all our troops in harm’s way.”

Even the bull’s namesake, “Postal: The Movie” director Uwe Boll had no beef with the Christmas corralling, enthusiastically declaring that he “would love to have a nice steak out of Uwe Bull.”

And believe us, Uwe knows his bull.


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One Response to Running With Scissors Supports Our Military Families

  1. I really want to get my greasy paws on this! I can already feel my GPA going down until I complete the game!

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