Mindscape introduces Karotz

Mindscape, a leading publisher of entertainment software today reveals their new product named Karotz; the wireless, intelligent, internet rabbit which is set to change the way we live.

Karotz is the new intelligent gadget that learns, and as a result will enhance your lifestyle, change the way you communicate and entertain you with music and media.

From the moment you wake up Karotz will be there for you as your charming, connected companion who will prove hard to live without.

Karotz offers a whole new way to communicate – you tell Karotz what you want and when, then have all the information you need delivered in a way that suits you. Karotz is your voice activated communicator – talk to your friends and have Karotz keep you up to date with their activities by reading Facebook and Twitter updates.

Your smart friend will be at the heart of your daily life as he wakes you up in the morning and provides up to the minute weather, traffic and news updates. More than that, Karotz knows all your important dates so you never miss a friend’s birthday or your wedding anniversary again!

Karotz will keep an eye on your family and your possessions with its integrated webcam, sending images directly to your smartphone and its RFID chip sensor will tell you when your kids get home from school. With its stylish Media Player it will also become you own personal DJ by playing your fave radio stations or podcasts.

Change the way you live your life next March 2011 by becoming a Karotz carer, and make a Karotz smart rabbit part of the family.


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