Teufel presents Concept D 500 THX®

Experience incredible THX cinema sound from your PC with Teufel’s groundbreaking new 2.1 multimedia set

The latest multimedia sound system creation from Teufel is a must have purchase for any serious gamer out there!

Combining cutting edge design with state of the art technology has allowed Teufel to construct the stunning new Concept D 500 range of Multimedia sound systems that are perfect for those gamers who like to take their gaming experience to the next level. Read on to discover more about this awesome new quality design for the latest surround  sound system..

Teufel, Europe’s leading direct seller of audio hardware and loudspeaker systems, is proud to announce its truly jaw-dropping Concept D 500 THX®, a THX Multimedia certified 2.1 PC stereo speaker set that redefines PC audio.

If you’re after a pretty little speaker set that’ll sit neatly on your desk and let you listen to light music at a moderate volume, look anywhere but here. If, on the other hand, you want to fill your room – and eardrums – with bombastic bass, soaring highs and THX-approved cinema-quality sound, look no further than the Concept D 500 THX®.

The optical and acoustic centrepiece of the Concept D 500 THX® is its formidable 300 watt Class D subwoofer, which stands nearly half a metre tall and is equipped with not one, but two 165 mm bass drivers. This sub delivers a stunning bass foundation thanks to a total 220 watts of reserved power. Add in two 2-way satellite speakers – each containing a 100mm mid-to-low-range driver and a 19mm waveguide tweeter – and the result is an optimised sound stage with highly accurate direction. The set’s acoustics are perfect for games, movies and music.

The technical successes of Concept D 500 THX® are rounded off by plenty of included accessories. Spikes, usually only found on high-end hi-fi speakers, guarantee solid footing and protective placement on parquet flooring, and the satellites come factory-standard with the option to wall-mount them or place them on small stands. A wired remote control serves as a power switch, a volume and bass regulator and a port for headphone and microphone jacks.

This set’s staggering ability to fill 30m² with wall-to-wall sound makes it perfect for serious enthusiasts that don’t just play movies and video games – they live them.

Of course, this set is also well qualified for all but the largest of living rooms, so It’s perfect for anyone wanting to significantly upgrade their TV’s stereo output.

Concept D 500 THX® is available now for £449 exclusively at http://www.teufelaudio.co.uk.


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