NCsoft is delivering its biggest in-game environment change to-date with Aion 2.1, which hit the public test server yesterday, November 11, and then the live servers on November 17. Aion 2.1 brings players significantly increased drop rates along with a consistent in-game event schedules (Dredgion and Fortress Siege times) ensuring more meaningful and rewarding play experiences.

To showcase the extent of the increase in rewards, NCsoft looked to Victor Shugo, an in-game character tasked to lead a new experimental lab by the Black Cloud Traders Experimental Division. Victor, known for his brilliant yet dangerous research – charging phlogistonic aether with lightning – will use player hypotheses for his mad experiments. For his first lab experiment, Victor took to Fire Temple, Beshmundir Temple and Dark Poeta to determine the exact increase in drop rates coming in Aion 2.1.

It was no surprise that comparing 2.0 and 2.1 drop rates revealed a significant increase. [See attached report for specifics.] In fact, this update to the gaming environment is the single biggest change ever implemented by NCsoft across its entire portfolio of games.

In addition to the rewards offered by increased drop rates, NCsoft is introducing the Aion Adventure Guide. The guide is designed to give players advice on where to find level-appropriate in-game content that will help with progression and reward them with items along the way. Crafted in-game messages and guides let players know where to go to find game content (quests, instances) that help progress them to the next level and give them hints on how to use new areas, such as the Abyss, and systems, such as Stigma Stones to their advantage.

By addressing very specific recommendations given by our western players and supplying the Adventure Guide to help players expand their experience and resources in game, NCsoft’s commitment to reward players for their time is readily apparent. Now more than ever players will reap the rewards of their time as the Aion team readies Aion 2.5, slated for early next year.

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