Kelkoo enlists the help of Ollie the psychic Octopus, cousin of the late world famous Paul, to predict UK Christmas best-sellers this year [1]

2010 has been a year of psychic animal predictions. Back in June, Paul the octopus, who sadly passed away two weeks ago, successfully predicted that Spain would win the FIFA World Cup, and in July a contender to Paul emerged in the shape of Mani the Parrot in Singapore. As the year draws to a close, Kelkoo, the online shopping comparison website, today unveils Christmas predictions from Paul’s cousin and only surviving relative, Ollie the Octopus.

GAME CONSOLE WARS: PS3 Move vs. Xbox Kinect

Over the course of a few days in October, Ollie exercised his tentacles to choose his favourites from a range of competing items, all expected to be the strongest contenders in their respective categories this Christmas. 

Our eight legged friend has predicted that the Sony Playstation Move would outsell the Xbox Kinect in the ‘console wars’. Following the success of the Nintendo Wii, motion gaming is set to take the UK by storm this Christmas. This week marks the launch of the Kinect, the ‘controller-free’ gaming sensor for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s Playstation Move, which laid down the motion-gaming gauntlet back in September. Unfortunately for Microsoft, Ollie didn’t ‘connect’ with the Xbox, but was ‘moved’ by the PS3, tipping Sony’s motion controller wand to win the battle for gaming supremacy this Christmas.

To watch Ollie in ‘motion’ go to:

Joe Cross, Marketing Manager at Kelkoo, comments, “Working with Ollie the octopus was a bundle of fun and given his psychic lineage, we couldn’t think of a better way to predict the UK Christmas best-sellers this year. From the X Factor, to Hollywood, to Silicon Valley, Ollie’s discerning tentacles know no bounds and his mystic insight into which products are set to sink or swim this Christmas are certainly set to add spice to the sales race over the festive period. 

“Increased demand for the hottest products in the run up to Christmas may result in shortages as pressure is put on the supply chain and retailers still remain conservative about the amount of stock they are prepared to hold.  Our advice is that consumers should shop fast and shop smart to ensure that they don’t miss out.”

Ollie, aged two was born in Dorset at the Sea Life Centre in Weymouth, in the same tank as his cousin Paul, before Paul was relocated to the Sea Life Centre in Germany and Ollie to Blackpool. While his late cousin preferred mussels and reportedly lost the bookies a packet during the World Cup, Ollie makes his predictions by choosing between boxes all containing his favourite food, mackerel.

All proceeds from Ollie’s work engagements are donated by his guardians at the Blackpool Sea Life Centre to, a conservation organisation working to conserve the flora and fauna of the Greek Ionian. Their main objective is to protect the nesting beaches of the Loggerhead turtle, through public awareness work, and to protect the natural habitats of all wildlife within the National Park of Zakynthos.

See Ollie in action at


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