Fear of Offense Means Removal of Symbols in Japan’s Black Op’s

Following a rethink by Call of Duty;Black Op’s developer’s Activision and Treyarch, Japanese editions of the game will no longer feature Swastika’s 

In a show of good spirit and respect Treyarch and Activision have removed the use of Swastika’s in their upcoming first person shooter title to denote the locations of Buddhist temples.

Rather than reporting on this action by Activision and Treyarch as some kind of ‘climb down’ in the face of mounting public pressure, or ever-increasing political opposition, as was recently seen in the United Kingdom with the governmental strong-arm tactic’s employed against Electronic Art’s over the use of Taliban forces in their Medal of Honor title, this decision to remove the Swastika symbol from their title was, in fact, decided upon ‘in-house’ as opposed to being the result of some placard waving demonstration as some sensationalist media types would lead you to believe.

The fact that the developers of Black Op’s have had the decency to honour the sentiment felt by Japanese citizen’s over the use of what is, after all, a religious symbol in their country, speaks volumes for their respect at other cultures religions and customs. So in the Japanese versions of the ‘dubbed version’ for home consoles and the ‘subtitled version’ for the PC there will now be the replacement ‘Iron Cross’ symbol utilised by developers to indicate Buddhist temples on map’s, as opposed to the ‘Manji,’ or Swastika as it is known in Japan. The subtitled home console version will, however, still feature the religious icon in its version, but as is understood the symbol of the Swastika has far differing connotations in Japan than the ominous symbolic meaning behind the Swastika employed by the Nazi party of World War II.

For the full game review of Activision and Treyarch’s forthcoming FPS masterclass make sure that you stay with the GamesMediaPro team for our take on the year’s biggest title launch.


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