Front Mission Evolved Gets A Fistful Of DLC

With a veritable feast of DLC being launched in Europe we take  look at some of the awesome new weapons on offer in Square Enix’s latest add-on’s for Front Mission Evolved

As from November 2nd, 2010 right through to November 16th, Front Mission Evolved players will be getting dazzled from the sparkle and shine of the brand new weaponry and Wanzer’s that will be on offer in the three upcoming downloadable content  packages from developer Square Enix.

Arriving on all formats for the sizzling new title in the Front Mission series, GamesMediaPro can now bring you the lowdown on the awesome new downloadable content that awaits gamers in the much-loved franchise.

On November 2nd, 2010 players will be able to unleash even more damage and destruction on their foes with these three new weapons for small arms fire in the excellent Front Mission Evolved. First up comes the hand-cannon that is the ‘Blackstone’ shotgun, a weapon that will surely be a firm favourite with gamers as it cuts through enemies like a warm knife through butter. Next see’s the addition of another rifle as players will get their hands on the highly powerful and utterly devastating ‘Sieger.’  Finally there is the ‘Dark Hog,’ a machine gun that spits out fiery death in a rapid fire rate of mind-numbing proportions.

All three of these weapons will be available to gamers as a free download on 2nd November.

If that wasn’t enough players of Square Enix’s superior mecha title will then be benefitting from the second of the planned downloadable content pack’s on November 9th as they are introduced to the all-new Wanzer outfits of the amazing ‘Stork’ and ‘Tatou‘ as the game get’s its Wanzer Pack 2 for a mere £2.99 on PC and PS3 and only 320 Microsoft Points for the Xbox360.

The new Wanzers will be made of stronger stuff than their counterparts, that’s plain to see as we let Square Enix do the talking in the descriptions of these hulking brutes:


The current Stork model is based on the original parts from Freyman Corporation. Staying true to the design philosophy of the series, this contemporary model exhibits all the versatility of its predecessors, while sporting minor upgrades that allows it to compete in the modern battlefield.


Past models in the Tatou series were designed specifically for the light recon role. The modern Tatou, however, was redesigned to become a multipurpose combat unit possessing a level of speed and agility comparable to its predecessors.

From there we await the next date on the DLC calendar of November 16th, 2010 as we are then treated to third proposed downloadable content for the month as ‘Wildgoat’ and ‘ISV-Prototype’ come smashing their way onto our screens with the second Wanzer DLC pack of the month. The descriptions of these beauties of bombardment make for interesting reading:


The Wildgoat, designed mainly as a long-range weapons platform with limited defensive capabilities, became popular among snipers and artillery specialists, for whom the ability to deliver a devastating initial strike is worth more than a few sheets of extra armor.


The ISV-Prototype was never mass-produced, and only a handful is known to exist. Built to push the limits of military-grade hover units, the ISV-Prototype is able to field weaponry comparable to land-based wanzers while still retaining the ability to move across impassable terrain.

Once again, as with the previous Wanzer pack the cost of these dark destroyer’s is 320 msp’s and a paltry £2.99 for PS3 and PC.

So make sure that you keep an eye out on your marketplace, Steam and Playstation Store as all of the aforementioned packs will be ready for deployment throughout the month of November. Take advantage of these assets, troops. It’s your duty to uphold and defend your country. Do it with the best!


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