Front Mission Evolved Competition Winners Announced!

GamesMediaPro announces the winners for the Square Enix ‘Front Mission Evolved’ Prize Competition.

Following the best response to any competition so far on the GamesMediaPro website we can now bring to a close the Front Mission Evolved Prize Competition and announce the six lucky winners who will each take home a copy of the first-rate mechanoid based warfare title.

T’was but a few weeks back that we announced that GamesMediaPro was running the Front Mission Evolved Prize Competition after being gracefully awarded six brand spanking new copies of the cracking combat title from developers Square Enix.

If there are still gamers out there who have not yet read the Front Mission Evolved review of the game that we published on launch day, then we suggest that you scoot on over now to swot up on this classy shoot’em up and then make good your journey to the nearest gaming retailer to purchase you copy of this the latest addition to the long-established and much-loved franchise.

Front Mission Evolved follows the story of two warring super powers who learn that an unknown terrorist enemy is attempting to play the two against each other and pick through the remains once the dust has settled.  After an attack on a US ‘Orbital Elevator’ results in the giant structure crashing headlong into New York the two old rivals must unite to form an uneasy alliance as they come together against the common enemy of the terrorists who are behind the global plot.

So step into your Wanzer once more, my friend, as you meet the foes on the field of battle in your giant mecha suit to exact bloody revenge on the perpetrators of this heinous act.

Those lucky readers,who subscribed to GamesMediaPro, on our relative Youtube, Twitter and website, and correctly answered the competition question who will be joining the ranks of the elite in the battle to save humanity will be:

The Finger Bang:  requested format:      Playstation 3

D3G3N3R8:           requested format:      Playstation 3

CookieMonster 155:  requested format:       Xbox360

Bubbles987:            requested format:            Xbox360

Tier1983:                requested format:             PC DVD

Griffster:                 requested format:              PC DVD

So that’s it folks for another great prize competition care of GamesMediaPro and the lovely people over there at Square Enix. Stay tuned for more fantastic giveaways and competitions in the future, and do remember that if you did not manage to win a copy of Front Mission Evolved then you can always nip on over to the official Square Enix site using the following link and buy a copy from the award-winning developers themselves. With a title this good in your games collection it will make you feel like a winner.


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