All the Usual Suspects in Goldeneye 007

” Aah, Mr Bond we’ve been expecting you. ”

Stunning new character screenshots unveiled by Activision for their forthcoming Goldeneye 007 title on the Nintendo Wii.

With the usual motley crew of arch-villain’s and despotic masterminds littering the upcoming espionage title it certainly looks like the debonair spy will have his work cut out for him if he is to succeed against his nemesis in Goldeneye 007

For a major title such as Activision’s imminent title release Goldeneye 007 to have even a headlining cast of villains that would amount to three or four top characters is one thing, but when the generosity of the games developers knows no bounds and they include not three, not four but just about every major character that has ever pitted his, or her, wits against the suave secret agent then it is quite another.

Long time fan’s of the much-loved and timeless James Bond series of movies and videogames will be in seventh heaven as Activision have laid on a veritable banquet of arch-villains that include in their line up such foes and nemeses as Scaramanga from The Man With The Golden Gun, Odd Job, (pictured), the notorious butler and right hand man to Auric Goldfinger and the sharp-shoed shuffler herself, Rosa Klebb. There are enemies a-plenty here with familiar faces and foes from the first outing for Sir Ian Fleming’s eponymous hero James Bond  in Dr No. right through to the more recent ‘bad guys’ of the modern era with the huge hulking frame of metal-molared Jaws to contend with.

But of course no James Bond video game, or indeed movie title, would be the same without an appearance from the pinnacle of criminal prowess, Ernst Blofeld. this maniacal madman has been one of an elite band of Bond villains to have been called upon to render his underworld undertakings on more than one occasion. More so due to the fact that James Bond usually ends up despatching his enemies in some ghastly manner before quipping one of his famous one-liner’s before sailing off into the sunset on the deceased despot’s yacht, a gorgeous slip of a Bond girl in one hand while the stylish spy sip’s a Dry Martini, (shaken not stirred), from the other.

Goldeneye 007 will arrive on the shelves of your local retail outlet and all reputable stockists from November 2nd 2010 so make sure that you have your copy pre-ordered from Activision to avoid disappointment. You can find their online retail services on their website by following the link below.



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