Playstation Phone Announced!

Sony and Engadget announce the Playstation Phone is almost upon us!


Following recent reports by Engadget the long rumoured Sony Playstation Phone is almost here. We bring you the latest details and the future handheld and reveal those all important specification rumours on your future PSP communicator.

So the Playstation phone is almost here? About time too. With the amount of tech and hardware that feature in the industry leading consoles and handhelds it was surely just a mater of time before the boffins’ at Sony came up with the Playstation Portable enhancing device.  In a recent report from Engadget it is suggested that the new Playstation Phone will operate using the Android OS 3.0, otherwise known as ‘Gingerbread,’ and will even allow users their own specially designed XMB with Marketplace where users will be able to purchase games as well as a whole host of other goodies. As reported the device will feature 512MB of RAM and 1GB of ROM with a far larger screen of 4.1 inches.

Although the analogue stick on the downslider will go in favour of a more practical central multi-touch control system the Playstation Phone will still encompass the usual line-up of standard PSP buttons for commands and gameplay options.

With support also likely for SD cards in the new device being a welcome inclusion it is still unclear whether or not the new Playstation Phone will feature any memory stick or USB support. This follows conflicting reports from separate entities, although Engadget has stated that memory sticks will not feature in the future phone. With the first units expected to hit the shelves of your local retailers in 2011 it looks like Microsoft’s new Phone 7 will have one more major competitor in the market next year.


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