Iceberg Interactive reveals pack shot for action adventure puzzle The Ball‏

Iceberg Interactive reveals pack shot for action adventure puzzle The Ball‏

To celebrate the launch of their upcoming first person puzzle title Iceberg Interactive have released the first packshots of their awesome ‘head-scratcher’  The Ball.

With the release of Teotl Studio’s and acclaimed developers Iceberg Interactive’s stunning new ground breaking puzzle title The Ball we are able to bring our readers the full details of what the lucky new owners of the game can expect to fins as a surprise bonus when they open up their copy of the top quality puzzler.

Not content with giving gamers one of the years premier puzzle titles, the award-winning developers have also included a veritable treasure trove of additional free goodies inside the packaging when players make their purchase of the Teotl Studio’s game. First up on the list of impressive giveaway gifts is the awesome postcard that contains  the signatures f the Teotl Studio’s designers and developers that brought the sizzling title to life. So not only do you get the best puzzle game of the year, you also get th autograph’s of the men and women behind the scenes who painstakingly created this Tour De Force in strategy puzzlers, without the downside of having to stand in the freezing Autumn weather to obtain them.

On top of that, as if the signatures of one of the finest collection of games developers is not enough? Hot on the heels of the fantastic postcard collectors item comes the sublime soundtrack DVD that is included, as is the signed postcard, at no extra cost to the player. To top it all off if you hurry on over to the official Iceberg Interactive website at the link below, then you will be able to pre-order the game and make sure that your edition lands into your grateful arms on launch day and all with no additional shipping charges. Make sure that to take full advantage of the offer that you purchase your copy from Iceberg themselves. That all so important link to the critically acclaimed developers is:


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