Sega announces the return Dreamcast Classics in early 2011

SEGA Announces the Return of Space Channel 5 Part 2 and SEGA Bass Fishing

Dreamcast™ Favorites making their HD Debut on Consoles in early 2011

Great news reaches the shores of GamesMediaPro’s tropical island paradise today as we dip our toes into the warm waters of gaming nostalgia and bask in the sunshine that were the gaming classic’s of Sega’s Dreamcast titles Bass Fishing and Space Chanel 5 Part 2. Not only is it great news that the award-winning developers have decided to re-release the fan favourite titles, but they are to get a shiny new HD makeover care of the witchcraft that goes on behind the closed doors of the Sega development studio’s.

Both the major console platforms will support the new and improved reboot’s and will offer up the pair of classic gaming titles on their network stores via PSN or Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace in early 2011. This is great news for gamers around the world as we are more than confident that in and amongst Sega’s pioneering back catalogue of literal gaming landmark’s there are a myriad of other titles that may well see the light of day once again, if success is reflected in the sales of the revamped titles of course. A spokesman for the award-winning developers had this to say:

                “The release of these favorites marks SEGA’s ongoing effort to bring its best-sellers from the Dreamcast era to the latest consoles,” said Haruki Satomi, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA of America. “We want to enable a new generation of players to experience some of the most celebrated titles our video game history has to offer, while at the same time appealing to our enthusiastic and much appreciated community of fans.”

Although gamers of all ages will be able to identify instantly with the gameplay of the self-explanatory Bass Fishing title, it may well be the older generation of gamers who recall the cracking fun that was to be had on discovery of Space Channel 5 Part 2. The title follows the exploits of Ulala, a roving and reporter and dancer extraordinaire as she battled the evil Rhythm Rogues led by the despotic Purge and his psychotic sidekick Shadow. In a bid to stop the ne’er-do-well’s from taking over the World, and indeed the Universe, with their fiendish ‘Dance Control Weapon’ you must help Ulala dance and shuffle her feet to the beat in order to save the day and humanity from the crazed criminals.

Both digitally remastered and brought bang up to date by the designers, Space Channel 5 Part 2 and Sega Bass Fishing will be available on the first quarter of 2011. We will bring you all further news and developments regarding any other revamped titles from the stellar collection of Sega’s immense and impressive catalogue of quality titles.


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