F3AR Goes Mechanized! Power Armour Comes To Armacham!

Warner Bros return to the terrifying world of Alma Wade see’s the Armacham Corp bringing along a few surprises of their own for gamers  to enjoy when get their hands on the must have sequel.

Mixing style and grace with brute strength the introduction of the PA and EPA Mech suits into Warner Bros F3AR sequel will see gamers stepping into familiar and much-loved gaming boots as we take a look at the Power Armour of the Armacham Corp

With a surprise for all fan’s of the FEAR series of title from Warner Bros, Day One Studio’s, the original development team on the first and arguably the most impressive of the two games in the franchise, have returned to take the survival horror title in a whole new direction, as they unveil for the first time in these exclusive screenshots the hulking mech’s that await players in the forthcoming third outing for the highly-acclaimed action shooter.

Billed as PA’s, ( Power Armour ), and the extra special EPA’s ( Enhanced Power Armour ), the beautifully designed mechanical monsters look all set to take the gaming stage by storm as they introduce a whole new atmosphere of terror and  urgency to what was already a spine-tingling storyline and impressive multiplayer experience. Made for the single player both machines are designed to house only one person per suit, thankfully. So there will be no need for a troublesome AI pilot to navigate you to a battle when all you want to do is take cover from the hail of flying lead that buzzes around your ears like a storm of angry wasps.

As is expected the PA suit is a smaller more manoeuvrable version of its EPA ‘Big Brother.‘ But size matters not in the hands of a capable combatant, and in the right hands the PA can be just as lethal as its larger sibling. Armed with two high power cannon the PA can blast its way and out of any and all situations. The lighter of the two Power Armour’s also boasts a shoulder mounted ‘energy weapon’ that not only dispenses with your enemies swiftly but also threatens to ignite any combustible surface and material it comes into contact with.

The larger of the two, the stunning EPA weighs in like a Tiger Tank with its heavier armaments and weaponry that are enough to satisfy even the most ardent gun-nut. Although considerably heavier and slower than the younger brother the EPA has  more than made up for what it lacks in speed and agility with some of the largest calibre weapons ever strapped to a mech suit. Twin chain guns can tear through flesh and bone as easily as they can rip through steel and metal alike. But the Piece de Resistance has to me the fully lockable Ballistic Missiles that come with each suit.

In F3AR both the PA and the EPA will be available for players to use  in the single player experience as well as the online multiplayer making for a fast and frenetic pace that will keep gamers on the edge of their seats for many hours to come. Other fantastic features for both of the all-new Power Armour systems will be revealed over the coming weeks as we bring you more in-depth coverage of Day One Studio’s and Warner Bros fantastic survival/horror title.


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