Fallout: New Vegas Official Strategy Guide Blog – The Final Collection‏

Fallout: New Vegas Official Strategy Guide Blog – The Final Collection‏


With the launch of Bethesda’s next in the series of the award-winning franchise we bring you the final part in the Strategy Guide developer blog’s.

Soon after you collect your first Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Cap — a strange and rare bottle top with a blue star emblazoned on it — you’ll begin to realize you’re going to need a Companion to weigh down with the hundreds of Collectibles this adventure yields. In this final Strategy Guide Blog, some of the finest rare items are revealed, along with information on the additional content contained in the limited-and-numbered Collector’s Edition.

Back to the Sunset Star Caps; if you know where to look, and who to be suspicious of as you’re met by others scavenging these odd trinkets, you’ll find the truth behind the Legend of the Star. Only the official strategy guide has the complete solution, but let’s just say it involves a cowboy with a wandering eye named Festus, and an old abandoned warehouse with a well-sealed secret.

If Cap-collecting isn’t your scene, there’s a large number of other Collectibles to find, too. Finding all the Gambling Dens is of paramount importance to those with a predisposition for Luck, Slots, Roulette, or Blackjack. For those wanting to perfect their games of Caravan, you’ll need to know where to look for additional cards, as well as NPCs that play the game. Knowing the location of all the Vendors selling Weapon Modification Upgrades is key to those focusing on Guns, Explosives, or Energy Weapons. But which vendor sells all three types? That strange Vendortron at the Gun Runners? Or Gloria Van Graff and her heavily-armored family? And it wouldn’t be a complete guide without information on the exact locations of every single Campfire, Reloading Bench, and Workbench.

There are other types of items to keep an eye out for, too. These include Snow Globes, fancy baubles worth more than their weight in Caps. And with far fewer Skill Books to hunt down, it’ll be vital to know where each of them can be found. Then there’s all the game’s Skill Magazines, which give you a much larger, albeit temporary boost in a particular ability — whether it’s Critical Chance or Survival. And your exploration wouldn’t be complete without picking up a Nuka-Cola Victory, Mini-Nuke, or Schematic; all unique items numbered and listed both in the extensive tour, and appendices of the guide. There’s a separate appendix just for unique weapons too, so you can discover how and where to find both the fabled That Gun, or This Machine, along with 40 other armaments.

The Official Strategy Guide to Fallout: New Vegas clocks in at 448 pages, and around 505,000 words. It contains hundreds of screenshots and maps, and dozens of tables. Every relevant stat you could ask for is on hand. Information for every major choice in each part of the Main Quest, and the same for all Side Quests and Free Quests. And if you’re eyeing the 480-page Collector’s Edition, expect an extra section filled with exclusive artwork, ranging from propaganda posters to Super Mutant treatments, and the history (and timelines) of the NCR, Caesar, and Mr. House. Don’t leave Goodsprings without it!


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